Thursday, September 01, 2005


I've sat down several times to write a journal entry, but it seems like every time I get interrupted, or just can't think of anything to say. I've been incredibly busy at work, working until about 7:30 or later every night this week, and by the time I get home, I'm too worn out to do much more than eat something, check my email, and go to bed.

Last night Bob was gone -- today was the first day of dove season, so he spent the night at John's and they got up early and went hunting this morning. (He called and said all the little doves of peace were safe from them today, though, thank goodness. I hate to be glad when he has a bad day hunting, but I really am.) I find it easier to work late when I know he's not at home waiting for me, so I worked until 7:30, and got home about 8:00.

He had made me a double baked potato for my dinner, with bacon and green onions and cheese (actually, he made me two, and I brought one to work for my lunch today), so I stuck that in the oven, and then started installing Mac OS Tiger. I had installed it earlier in the evening at work, and while it was installing I knit a couple of inches on my sweater sleeve. It went pretty easily, the only problem I had was I didn't realize I needed to accept the username it gave me, and I tried to give myself a new one and ended up not being associated with any of my bookmarks, mail, etc., and had to create a new username that was the same as my old one, then delete the other one. It was a panicky few minutes when I didn't have any of my email, but I solved it easily enough.

Also, I couldn't get on the Airport, and I thought maybe the password had been changed and I hadn't been told, but all was fine this morning, so who knows?

I was glad I had installed it first at work, so it wasn't quite as scary doing it at home. Upgrading the OS always makes me nervous, but I've never had a problem with Macs. Upgrading Windows OS was always terrifying, and I can remember having a LOT of problems with that. I guess those feelings will probably never go away.

The only thing that's really different are the "Widgets," and I haven't really had time to explore that yet, although I'm sure I will soon.

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