Monday, April 13, 2009


When I was out at my folks' yesterday for Easter lunch, I mentioned that I'd seen pictures of a baby shower that one of my nieces had held for a friend of hers, and my mother asked me how, and I had to try to explain Facebook. I said I'd also seen pictures of them with my grand-niece, and showed them the pictures on my iPhone, and we ended up looking at all kinds of pictures. My dad, especially, was so intrigued. He's always been fascinated by technology.

I stole these pictures from my niece's Facebook page:

I also showed them pictures of my second cousin and said that she had posted things about music competitions that she was in and things like that. I never really thought I'd enjoy the "micro blogging" tools like Twitter and Facebook, but it turns out that I do, very much. It's fun to use it to keep in touch with friends, and to see what everyone else is doing. Social networking online. What a concept.

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