Thursday, June 09, 2005


It's weird without Bob here. I'm pretty used to him being gone for the odd weekend here and there, but being gone for this long (nine days) is strange. One thing that happens is that I'm not as anxious to leave work at night; I never leave before 6:00 anyway, but I do try always to leave pretty soon after that, and if I haven't called Bob to let him know that I'm in the car ready to go home by about 6:15, he'll call me. It's not like I'm staying 'til midnight or anything, but I've been here 'til 6:30 or 7:00 most nights.

And then I go to the gym, so by the time I get home it's been after 8:00, and sometimes closer to 9:00. But last night I left work and went straight home (well, I stopped for gas and food, but that's it), and got home right after 7:00. I picked up a salad for dinner, and ate it sitting in front of the television watching Law & Order (is it just my impression, or is Law & Order on almost continuously every night?), then I got out the sweater I'm knitting, and worked on that for awhile.

We were having a thunderstorm, so at about 10:00 I went and shut down the computer and took a book upstairs to bed with me, and read for a half hour or so until I got sleepy. It was a really nice, peaceful night.

Tonight I was going to go to the gym, then as I was driving home I was thinking how tired I was, and I decided to stop and get something to eat and then go home. I went to Chipotlé and took a book, and got a burrito bol, but I couldn't resist getting chips, so then I felt guilty about eating too much, and when I got home I changed my clothes and took a walk. A five mile walk.

So I don't feel guilty any more, but I do feel sore.

We're on summer hours now, which means that if we can--if we don't have any urgent client business--we leave the office mid-afternoon on Friday. So last Friday I went by the license bureau and got the license plates for my new car. And while I was there I decided to order new personalized plates.

They issue new personalized plate designs every five years, and this was the year for the new ones, and I had decided I was kind of tired of the old "WEBGRRL" one, so I had decided to just let it go rather than getting (and paying for) new plates. But when I mentioned that to Cello, he suggested I get ones with "WILLA" on them, and I liked that idea. I'm not sure why I didn't do that in the first place. I'll get them in two to three months, depending, I guess, on how long it takes the inmates to make them.

I'm not sure about the buffalo, though.

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