Monday, September 06, 2010

Holiday weekend

Usually during the week I have granola (Kellogg's Low Fat Granola with Raisins) and yogurt for breakfast. I put the granola in a zip-lock bag or one of the littlest plastic containers, pack it with my lunch and take it to work to eat when I get in. If I eat breakfast too early, i.e., at home, I'm starving before lunchtime, but if I wait until 9:30 when I get to work, then it will carry me through to noon.

Once in awhile, maybe once every two weeks or so, I'll drive through McDonald's on the way to work and get an Egg McMuffin or bacon, egg and cheese bagel. I'll do this if I'm running late and didn't have time to pack my breakfast/lunch--if I have McDonald's for breakfast I probably won't eat much for lunch, maybe just some snacks from the kitchen at work. Or if I have a meeting right away when I get to work, and know I won't be able to eat my breakfast, or if I know it's going to be a hard morning.

This morning Bob was going fishing and he needed to take a few things from the grocery store, and he also had to pick up something somewhere else, so I went to the grocery store for him. I almost never get going that early on the weekends, or on my day off! So after I went to the store, I drove through Wendy's to try their breakfast. I had a coupon for a free breakfast combo. I chose the Artisan Egg Sandwich on ciabatta, with potato seasoned wedges, and it was great!

Aw man. I just went to the Wendy's website, and it didn't mention breakfast at all, then I went to their Facebook page, and apparently the Kansas City area is a testbed for breakfast items. I hope it does well and they keep it, I thought it was really excellent. And no more expensive than McDonald's -- the sandwich, side and drink would have been $4.34, if I had had to pay for it, which I didn't. Now I'm worried. I might have to get it tomorrow, too, just in case it goes away . . .

We got Friday off as well as today, so I had a four day weekend. It was really a nice break. I didn't accomplish a whole lot, I guess, but I got somethings done that I'd been needing to do. I got the oil changed in my car, and got my hair cut and colored. I bought a new clothes hamper for the bedroom, since Dinah has destroyed mine. I got out the sock that I put away in March after I got out of the hospital, and started knitting on it again, and I had a great nap this afternoon. It was a good weekend.

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