Sunday, October 01, 2006

Date night

I kind of like a set schedule -- certain things that happen on certain days. For awhile, I was driving through McDonald's on Thursday mornings for breakfast on the way to work -- kind of a reward for getting through the week, almost, and something to look forward to. I don't do that anymore, though.

For a couple of years, I think, Friday has been my television night. It started out with Monk, and now I don't even remember what came after that originally, but then for awhile it was Monk, Psych, and House, M.D., which was just perfect. It's all reruns now, of course, but Friday is still my night to kick back and do nothing, pick up something special for dinner, and watch television and knit.

Of course, "something special" was usually Chinese from the grocery store, or a burrito bol at Chipotlé, but again, it was something to look forward to, something easy and fun.

On Friday Bob called me and asked me what he should make me for dinner, and I said, it's Friday night, I'll pick something up or, I asked, would you like to go over to Jason's? We both like Jason's Deli -- they have a great salad bar and Bob likes their sandwiches. And it's fairly reasonable for dinner out -- less than $20 for both of us. He said he'd had lunch out and probably wouldn't want anything for dinner. So I said that was fine, I'd just get Chinese or something.

Then he called me back and said yeah, let's go out. He said, "I like our date nights," and I said that I did, too. When we're at home, he's mostly up in his office and I'm mostly downstairs, each of us either on our respective computers or watching television separately, and it's nice to go out once in awhile and sit across the table from each other and eat and talk. I'd been thinking that I'd ask him if we could institute a standing "date night," but I guess it happened without me doing anything.

After we ate, we visited the swans at the water retention basin again. We only saw two, though, and there were three there last time; we believe their wings are clipped, so they can't fly away. Hopefully the third one was just somewhere where we couldn't see him, and something hadn't happened to him.

With the coming of Autumn and cooler days, Bob gets more energetic, while I start winding down. He painted the kitchen ceiling Friday, and he's planning on starting to paint the whole house (inside) next week. He stripped the bed and turned the mattress yesterday.

Yesterday I was terribly depressed. I feel fine today, but it's pretty interesting, I think, how he comes to life when the weather cools off and I start the downhill slide toward winter.

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month