Friday, May 30, 2008


It's summer!

I'm sitting at my desk listening to a soundcheck for tonight's concert at the City Market. My office window looks out over the market, and there are concerts on lots of summer nights. It's kind of fun; kind of annoying getting out of the parking lot, but interesting all the same.

I remember one night when a band was playing -- I don't remember the name of the band, it certainly wasn't anyone that I had ever listened to -- that had a somewhat scary fanbase. As I recall, the band members had a lot of scary facial piercings -- I looked them up on the internet -- and I suppose their fans did, too. Anyway, Dave left to go home, and I think I was the last person left in the office. He asked me if I was ready to leave, and I said I was going to be there a little while longer, but for him to go ahead and go home.

He'd been gone about ten or fifteen minutes, I guess, and he came back into the office and said I had to leave right now, that he didn't want me walking through that crowd alone. The guys here are usually pretty protective of me, which is nice.

I'm doing better in my Artist's Way work this week. I've written my Morning Pages every day, read the principles, written affirmations. I didn't know what to do for my Artist's Date; last night Bob was working late, so I took myself out to dinner at Chili's and sat for about an hour and read and had a very leisurely dinner. I'm not sure if that counts, but it was nice. I'll probably try to do something more "arty" this weekend.

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