Saturday, March 12, 2011


I've been having fun using Pinterest. I started "pinning" things a couple of weeks ago after seeing it on someone else's blog. It's basically just a repository for saving images of things, like a virtual bulletin board or shoebox. In the past, I've tried to save photos that I find of things that I love, or things that are inspirational, but when I do that, I never remember to look for them, and if I do, I can never find them. By using Pinterest, when I run across something beautiful that I want to remember, I just "pin" it.

You can even create a board that other people can modify, although I haven't explored that. People can also comment on your images, follow them like on Twitter, or "repin" something to their own board. You can have multiple boards--as many as you want, I think--and can rename them and rearrange them to suit yourself.

One thing I've found to be very interesting is that when you look at a board in its entirety, sort of like spreading a bunch of photos out on a tabletop, it clarifies, or crystalizes, what makes them similar. I'm explaining that badly, I know, but what I mean is, it shows with great clarity what the things I love have in common. For instance, in my Places and Spaces board, all of the images seem to be of small spaces, lots of little nooks and alcoves, mostly crowded/cluttered with eclectic things. Lots of plants and light, lots of white and neutral colors and when there is color, it tends to be turquoise.

I've been "pinning" recipes to try (that I probably never will), things to make (that I probably never will), places to go (that I probably never will), but you never know!

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