Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I did a short radio interview tonight, for a local station, Star 102. I've never done that before. I was nervous, but it seemed to go okay. Wendy, the woman who contacted me, originally saw Tealeaves when it appeared in Daily Om a couple of years ago--almost exactly a couple of years ago, as a matter of fact. She said she was doing some organizing of her website recently and did a little poking around at my site and discovered that I was local, so she contacted me and asked me if I'd do an interview.

She said she would put it up on the website, so when she does, I'll link to it so everyone can hear how dumb I sound. :)

I decorated for Halloween today at the office--a plug-in Jack-o'Lantern on the file cabinet, the "The Witch is In/Out" sign on my door, and a wooden spider and web hanging on the nail with my calendar. I've been very cautious about hanging things, not wanting to put too many nail holes in the newly-refinished walls. The guy who painted them did such a good job of prepping and filling up all the holes and sanding off the rough spots that I hate to mar the pristine finish.

Cello came into my office tonight as the day was winding down, to see how things were going, and he gestured at the big, blank, blue wall. He said, "You need something on that wall. A painting. Of Bob! A portrait of Bob!" Well, maybe not that, but yeah, I need something. Maybe I should go looking for a poster or something to put there.

I remember years ago, when I worked for Gulf Oil, we were moving into new offices and my boss at the time (who has since died) gave me a budget and told me to go buy some art. It was right around the time of the Plaza Art Fair, so I went there and bought a couple of paintings, something I had never done before (or since). They were both very simple landscapes--one a watercolor with a pen and ink drawing on top of it and the other a monochromatic tree made by scratching a design into a canvas that had been held over a fire so that the smoke colored it. Very unusual.

And fortunately I bought pieces that I liked, because when the company left town and we lost our jobs, he let me keep the art.

Oh, so anyway, my point was that I decorated for Halloween at the office, and also decorated the website with the "Halloween window." I keep thinking that I need to re-do the website, but I just never seem to get around to it. One of those "the shoemaker's children go barefoot" kinds of things, I guess. Or "physician, heal thyself." I suppose it's a testament to the design that I've been basically happy with it for so long. Wow. I just looked -- since 2002. It doesn't really seem to me to be dated, although maybe it is.

But it will probably stay the way it is for awhile yet, anyway. Just too much other stuff going on. And it's so enormous by now that the thought of redesigning it is daunting. Ah well. I'll worry about that tomorrow, Scarlett.

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