Monday, September 10, 2007

Random stuff that makes me happy

Having dogs at work.. On a normal day there are two -- Simon the Australian shepherd and Jojo the ... I don't know. Mutt puppy. They're both great. Simon's neurotic, as herders tend to be, I guess, and Jojo's a treat. She's taken over the couch; you will usually find her lying there chewing on a "bone." She's the princess. And lately there's Clark. He's part Lab, part Great Pyrenees. His mother was a Great Pyrenees--they're white, and he got white paws, a white bib, and the tip of his tail from her. The rest is coal black. He has the most enormous head. "The Pyrenees is not recommended for apartment living."

The library. I know it's not very supportive of writers to get books at the library rather than buying them, but I could never afford to buy all the books I read, and also, when I get them at the library, I can choose books that just sound interesting to me, and if they don't turn out to be interesting, I just have to take them back. I don't have to feel guilty about not reading them, and I don't. Life's too short.

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Orange & Sandalwood Calming Body Lotion. They don't make this anymore, of course, or at least I haven't been able to find it. And it's not on the website, so I'm sure it's been discontinued. (No surprise there.) I found some awhile ago on a clearance rack at Bath & Body Works and bought several bottles. It's light, not sticky or heavy, and it smells wonderful.

Bath & Body Works Wickedly Hot Chocolate Body Wash. Also, sadly, discontinued. (Are you seeing a pattern here?). I don't usually like bath products that are scented like baked goods -- I can't stand "sugar cookie" scents or butter rum or things like that -- but this one is divine. Smells like brownie batter. Looks vaguely disgusting--brown and shiny--but smells amazing. I have a couple of bottles that I'm hoarding and using very slowly.

Bob's relationship with the cats next door. There are two young cats that live next door to us. They're both tabbies like Pyewacket, but quite a bit younger. They are incredibly friendly, they'll walk right up to almost anyone who walks by, and they're always happy to come over and talk to you and be petted.

If Bob sees them playing outside, he'll go outside to talk to them. That's what was happening here. I think it was Sunday morning. He looked out the window and saw the kitty in the yard, so he went out to talk to her. I love that.

The furballs:

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