Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Presence Spread, Day 1

Christmas Presence Tarot Spread: Day One: The Tower

How can I be fully present to the Miracle of the Season?

Change, upheaval, reversal in fortune. A slap to the face to snap you out of hysteria or complacency. Something is wrong and you are ignoring it -- expect a blow (physical or to the ego, for instance), a surprise, a fall from grace. Disruption or destruction is necessary, how you deal with it is the key. Try to find the positive in any situation, no matter how bleak. Clear away the old and make a fresh start; a welcome release, shattered illusions, the courage to change beliefs that are no longer appropriate. A powerful revelation that changes everything.

I always go into the holiday season with some trepidation. I do my best to do things that will raise my spirits even though this time of year is always hard. I do a really good job for a few days, sticking to my plans to watch Christmas movies, make early preparations, not get caught up in the frenzy, or guilt that I'm not doing a good enough job. Invariably, my plans fail and I begin to lose hope, realizing that this Christmas will be like all the others, just something to get through, and look forward to the relief on the other side.

This card seems to indicate that I need to pull myself out of that mindset, accept that things may not (will not) be perfect, that there will be pitfalls and setbacks. Shake it off and push forward, take things as they come, and expect that everything may get turned on its head.

Card is from the Manga Tarot.

Spread can be found here: The Christmas Presence Tarot Spread.

Nine of Wands

Card of the Day: Nine of Wands

This card is from the Manga Tarot.

From the LWB: "Vigilance. Not everything happens without conflict."

This card represents inner strength and determination, persevering despite setbacks, being wary of being attacked, being knocked down but standing up again. Holding fast, continuing on through difficult times, keeping things together. Relying on yourself to be strong enough to get through the current situation. A struggle, with the hope of victory.