Friday, November 30, 2007


Shiny new driveway:

Since I haven't been able to drive on the driveway to get into the garage, I've been parking in the street. I've had to scrape the windows most mornings, but yesterday there was just a fine pattern of frost rather than a more solid covering.

Beautiful! Looks vaguely like a flock of birds.

I made about a dozen pairs of earrings night before last, photographed them yesterday morning, and put them up in the shop last night. I really like the look of this batch. They're all kind of muted colors--turquoise and browns, mostly--accented with antiqued silver. More treasures from the attic . . .

If you want to buy something, but don't see exactly what you want, let me know what you're looking for and if at all possible, I'll make something especially for you.

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