Monday, June 22, 2009

Just life

I spent the afternoon and early evening with my parents yesterday. My mom has trouble hearing, and she has tinnitus, so it's hard to talk on the phone, so when we're actually in the same room, we talk pretty much non-stop. Yesterday we talked a lot about Ebay--I've been listing a lot of stuff there, mostly back issues of magazines--and they were wondering whether anything they had would be worth anything. I came home with a sack of old magazines and a box of old vacuum tubes--someone had told dad that they were worth something, although I haven't quite figured out yet if people just want them for the collectible value, or whether they want ones that are new to put in equipment.

It's been raining for what seems like weeks now, and our basement flooded, so Bob and I have been working down there as much as we can. I packed up a box of books, and the magazines that didn't sell on Ebay, and took them to Half Price Books. They don't pay much, but I got $18 for that batch, and I figure that's $18 I didn't have yesterday, and it got some stuff out of the basement.

We're also having trouble with the air conditioner, so Bob was out in the yard this morning cutting grapevine off the fence so the guy who's coming to look at the a/c could stand up straight, and I was down in the basement clearing a path to the unit down there.

So it's been kind of a busy--and stress-filled--couple of weeks. But we'll get through it. It's just life.

If anyone is interested in back issues of knitting and craft magazines, there are still some up at my Ebay page. Mostly Vogue Knitting and Knitter's, some are out of print.

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