Monday, January 02, 2006

Sleep more

I spent almost the entire day in bed today. I got up around 10:00, did some laundry, ate a scrambled egg, read a little, then went back upstairs and curled up in bed with a lot of pillows, a book, the laptop and the cats. I soon snuggled down and took a nap for several hours, and got up when I heard Bob stirring around down in the kitchen. He was putting a chicken in the oven for dinner. I went down and ate some crackers and cheese and got something to drink, then came back upstairs. I've read that you should start the year the way you mean to go on; I was making a "short and sweet" list of resolutions last night, and "take more naps" was on it.

  • Spend less
  • Nap more
  • Knit more
  • Watch more movies
  • Read more books
  • Eat less
  • Exercise more
  • Moisturize more
  • Wear rubber gloves when I wash dishes
  • Be more assertive--stand up for myself more
  • Make more art
  • Listen to more music
  • Take more pictures
  • Waste less time

We had a lovely New Year's Eve. We didn't go anywhere, we just spent the night at home doing what we normally do--I was downstairs reading or on the computer or something, and Bob was upstairs playing a computer game. I had made a couple of dips--spinach dip and tuna dip--that were in the refrigerator cooling, but neither of us had been very hungry. Around 9:00, I was hungry, but wanted something a little more substantial than dip, so I went up and told Bob that I thought I'd make some fondue if he was interested.

He was, so I made cheese fondue and we watched poker on television, which I find strangely interesting. I don't really understand the game, and make no real effort to, but the dynamic between the players is interesting, and so is the amount of money at stake.

So we watched for for awhile, then had champagne in bed while we listened to fireworks outside.

New Year's Day I spent completely in my pajamas. Well, I took a shower sometime mid-day, then changed into new, clean pajamas. Didn't leave the house once. I spent the evening in front of the television watching the Monk Marathan on USA and knitting a sock. Just a lovely, low-key weekend.

This Christmas was a great one for pajamas. Bob bought me flannel pajamas with ducks on them, and my folks gave me a long (floor length) knit nightgown, and Bob's folks gave me two knit sleep shirts from Disney World, one with Tinkerbell and one with Eeyore ("It's never too early for chocolate!") Everyone obviously knows my love of sleeping. In fact, I guess instead of "nap more," I should have "sleep more" on my list. Especially during the week before Christmas.

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