Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I mentioned this in the weblog, but I don't know if everyone reads it -- I created a Frappr! Map where you can put a virtual "pin" to indicate your location, and leave your name and a message. It's kind of cool to see where everyone is from, and see pictures, so if you can, please go add your pin!

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Psychic dreams

I've had some kind of interesting dreams lately. And while I know that almost no one is interested in someone else's dreams, the one Saturday night had kind of an interesting twist.

On Sunday I went out to my parents' house for lunch. I ended up spending the whole day there--they had birthday gifts for me, one of those wonderful big stone "heads" for the garden (I'll take a picture of it once I'm allowed to get up--Dinah is lying on both of my arms while I type), a clear glass candy jar shaped like a snowman, a set of cats-in-baskets salt and pepper shakers, and a gorgeous copper bee thing for the garden--and we had a lot to talk about, so I stayed from lunch and on into and through dinner.

For some reason, while we were eating dinner, I was reminded of my dream. I dreamt that I was living in an apartment with three other women, but I was still married to Bob, who apparently didn't live there. Bob was mad at me, so he was going to go on a date with one of the other women. I asked him how he knew her, thinking that he had set up a blind date after having met her online, but he said no, that he'd known her for a long time. I said, "Well, I'm not going to tell you to have a good time!"

I was laughing about that as I was telling my folks, and I said, "Oh, and there was a Christmas tree suspended from the ceiling!" My mom said, "What?" And I said, yeah, there was a Christmas tree that someone had hung from the ceiling. We had high ceilings in that apartment.

My mom said, "I saw that on television last night!" She had been watching some kind of decorating program or something, and they showed a Christmas tree that had been suspended from the ceiling. She said it was suspended point-down, and the one in my dream was trunk down, but it seems pretty clear to me that I got a psychic message from her, that she had been thinking about a silly Christmas tree suspended from the ceiling, and I ended up dreaming about it. I mean, why else?

Later, for some reason we were talking about my Uncle James--my mother's brother--who was in the Navy in World War II, and who was on the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier which was sunk in the Battle of Santa Cruz in October, 1942. My mom remembered that before they had heard about the ship sinking, she and her mother had gone into town to shop and have lunch--a rare treat, living in the country--and to see a palm reader who was visiting the town.

My grandmother, who I am named for, had her palm read, and the palm reader said, "You have a son in the service," and she said that "something terrible" had happened, but that her son was safe. And he was, he had been rescued. The article I linked to said:

A small bomber attack twenty minutes later did no damage, but as Hornet's list increased to 18 degrees, it was clear she was doomed. Captain Mason ordered "abandon ship", and over the next several hours the destroyers and cruisers were kept busy picking up the men - most of whom were in remarkably high spirits - and fending off the small attacks which continued through the afternoon, scoring two more hits on the battered ship.

I think my grandmother, and my mom, and my sisters are I are all a bit psychic. Well, even my father--I remember him telling me about a dream that he had about my brother being somewhere odd, and it turning out that my brother was actually there. My grandmother had several prophetic dreams that I know about. Every time something like this happens, it makes me wonder how many more of my dreams are about actual events, but that they just don't seem important enough to mention, so I never know. Or I don't mention them to the right people.

This morning a friend of mine mentioned someone he knew who had been asked to take care of a cat while its owner was out of town, but she totally blew it off, and said something like, oh, the cat's fine! It can take care of itself.

My dream this morning was that I was on vacation and had asked someone to take care of Doña, but the person I had asked to watch her showed up without her, and wasn't concerned about it at all. I had to rush around and get dressed and run off to see if I could find her, and I was worried that, even if I could find her, how could I keep her safe?

It's interesting how these "psychic" dreams seem to happen all at once.

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