Tuesday, March 10, 2009


One of my goals this year is to clean out my basement so I can have a studio down there. I guess it's just an excuse, but it's hard to do creative work when I have to get everything out, then put it away again (or leave it out all over the place, but that's another story). Bob has suggested the basement before, but I never really wanted to be down there, but now I think I might. I think it was when we were in Mexico with our friends that I thought of it.

One of the women that we were with is an artist, and she has the basement set up as her studio, and I guess it just struck me that I should do that, too. It's going slow, but I knew it would, I'm not going to rush anything, and it'll take a long time, but that's okay.

I usually end up down there for a few hours each weekend, and I keep unearthing interesting things that I'd forgotten about. Last weekend it was a 1996 issue of "Net" magazine that had me in it. I took it to work and showed the guys, then today I took in my copy of the "24 Hours in Cyberspace" book that I was in. It was very cool at the time of course, but as I told them, back then there were like four websites, so it wasn't that impressive.

Last week I called my insurance agent to ask about getting liability insurance so I could sell the soap that I make. My agent said that she didn't handle that kind of insurance, and forwarded me to the person in the office who does, but that person wasn't there. I left a voice mail, but they never called me back. I need to call again, hopefully I'll be able to do that this week sometime.

Bob is using the soap that I made a few weeks ago; he likes the cucumber-melon and the rosemary-mint. I sent a box of coconut-lime-verbena to Barb this week to see if she likes it, and tomorrow I'm going to take some lemon verbena fish in for Cello's son, Dominic. He's going on vacation on Friday with his grandmother, and I thought that might be a fun thing to send along with them.

I ordered some more scents from Brambleberry this week, some "ginger fish" scent which I will, of course, use to make Ginger Fish, and "Marrakesh," which is described as "what we imagine a Moroccan Spice market in the middle of a grassy grove to smell like - notes of Bamboo, Vetiver Grass, Vanilla Orchid and Myrrh mix beautifully with Tangerine, Patchouli and Clove Leaf." I also ordered a sampler pack of mica colorant. I've been wanting to make some deeper-colored soap, but the colors I had didn't really lend themselves to that. I'm looking forward to experimenting!

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