Friday, May 25, 2007

Trapped like a rat!

Dave went out to lunch yesterday, and he left Jojo with me. I told him he could shut the door, but he said he'd just block it with a chair. I've got this green plastic chair in my office, and he drug it over and put it in the doorway. I said, "She can just walk right out under it!" and he said, "She won't."

And she didn't. She tried really hard to figure it out, but she never did. I guess maybe dogs don't really crouch down and creep under things, or at least she doesn't. Or maybe as sweet as she is, she just isn't the sharpest dog in the pack.

Assessing the situation:

I'm so cute! Won't you please let me out?

Trying to figure it out:

I give up!

I love it when the dogs hang out with me. Simon is pretty much attached to Dave at the hip, and if Dave's out, Simon just lies under his desk and sighs mournfully. Jojo's bereft when he's gone, too, but when he's there and all's right with the world, she's much more gregarious. She'll pick up one of her toys or a bone and walk around and visit everyone. She brought a rope toy in the other day, and wanted to play tug-of-war with me.

She's an awfully sweet dog.

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