Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Two more

I couldn't really get in the Halloween spirit this year, I'm not sure why. I did decorate my office, and I put a few things up at home, but I guess I just wasn't in the mood. We didn't get ONE trick-or-treater last night, but that's probably mostly our fault--the light over the front porch is motion-activated, and it stays off unless someone comes right up to it, so as far as anyone could tell, the house was dark. And I just left it that way.

I had bought candy just in case, but for the last few years we've really gotten almost no kids at all, so it wasn't a big surprise. We just had a quiet evening at home. Bob went out and picked up fast food at Arby's, and we hung out with the cats, and that was pretty much it.

This was interesting. Bob called down to me, "How come my iTunes is in yen?" I said "What?" and he came down and said that all the prices in iTunes on his computer were in yen. I went upstairs to see for myself, and it was obvious that not only were the prices in yen, but the whole iTunes store was the Japanese store. I couldn't stop laughing -- such a weird thing. I had no idea what had happened. He said he had upgraded to the new version, and when he started it up, it was like that.

I went back downstairs to my computer and looked through the Apple website trying to find out what had happened -- I knew that for some reason he had the Japanese store, but I thought they knew where you were logging in from by your IP, so I couldn't see how they thought he was in Japan. I couldn't find anything at the Apple site, so I started up iTunes on my computer, and found, way down at the bottom of the page, a select box where you choose which store you want, depending on your location.

So I went back upstairs and told him, and we found it, and sure enough, his was set for Japan. We changed it back to US. I came back downstairs and remembered that I had an iTunes upgrade pending, too, so I downloaded and installed it, and when I opened up iTunes again, mine was in Japanese, too! So weird. I knew that I hadn't done anything differently, but I went back to the homepage, and, yeah, mine was set to the Japanese store, too. I wonder if there's something in this upgrade that does that, although it would seem really weird (even more weird than it already is) if there was some strange setting that was setting the location incorrectly in both the PC and Mac versions.

Every night I go and find Dinah (fortunately the last couple of days she's been sleeping up on the bed, so I just scoop her up and she's so sleepy that she doesn't even realize what's happening until I get her downstairs), bring her down to the kitchen and put her on the counter. While I'm upstairs getting her, Bob has gotten the syringe, and he's hiding it behind his back in case she realizes what's happening.

I hold onto her, and Bob scruffs her tight and injects the antibiotic into the loose skin at the back of her neck, then massages her there, and I let her go, and she jumps down from the counter and shakes herself, and I giver her a little spoonful of canned catfood.

Two more injections, two more nights.

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