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Fallen Angel:

Sarah moved from Chicago to Sarasota, Florida to make a new start after a terrible tragedy. She leads a quiet life, running her small bookstore during the day, and going home in the evenings to her house on the beach. But when Zach shows up, claiming to be her guardian angel, things get a lot more complicated.

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Five Star Review

Now this is what I call a feel good read!

I totally believe in guardian angels and the signs that we ask for when we need some guidance and help, so I could totally relate to this book. Sarah was a lovely main character and although she suffered some heartache in her life she didn't go on and on and on about it like some books that I have read, she just dealt with it in her own way without really bothering everyone else in her new life in Saratosa. Zach well, sorry but I just fell in love with him, he was just so adorable and such a believable guardian angel. I have never been to the USA but willa described this beautiful place in Florida so well I felt that I had been there.

I loved the story line, it was not complicated, it was just a story that could have happened to anyone. It was a totally believable storyline.

At first I thought it was too short a book, however when it finished...and I will say that the last few lines made me cry, I realised...yes that's where the book should end!

Thank you Willa for writing such a simple and beautiful story, I almost felt I was watching a movie as I could see all the characters so well.

I would recommend this book!

~Firedrake, on Amazon

Four Star Review

there is much to be found in this book. from angels that kick butt to angels that make your teenager look sane, you will definately find something to love here. but there is something missing to the story. while zach is amazing (can i have one? please?) and sarah is fun, there is something missing between the beginning and the end. it seems the story ended too soon (what happened to zach? what was with that council of angels? are yukemi and carmiel going to come back?) with many plot points left untied. all i can hope for is a sequel to solve those conundrums. but it is still a wonderful book, with all the right things to make you fall in love over and over again

~Amazon customer review

Mentioned in Friday Finds - Sweet Indie Deals at Indie Paranormal Book Reviews.

Five Star Review
An urban fantasy that starts off with the protagonist owning her own bookstore grabs my attention right away because that's one of my fantasies and that of most anyone who loves books. The descriptions were delicious -- life in a small Florida town, working in an independent bookstore (with resident feline) and encountering mysterious angels. The story flowed smoothly, and I enjoyed watching the protagonist gradually open to love and risk. A feel-good read that isn't overly sugary, which is sometimes a hard balance to achieve. I hope to see more by this author.

~Liora Hess, on Amazon

Willa's Journal: A Box of Stars

A collection of essays originally published in Willa Cline's online journal from 1995-1998.

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