Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holiday weekend

The screens on my windows at work are in bad shape, but I'm on the third floor so it isn't like I can just go outside and take them off. I thought the landlord was going to replace them, but they haven't yet. I've thought of just opening the windows and tearing out the screens, but this week I'm glad I didn't do that.

A robin discovered them and has been visiting all week, pulling out strands to use in his nest, I assume, although Bob says it's late for that. The screens are fiberglass (I think), not steel or whatever regular screens are, and they're kind of shredded. The robin comes and hangs on, and pulls out a half dozen or so strands, or whatever he can get, flies away, and then comes back a little while later. It's fun to watch. I wonder where his nest is?

We had a really nice, quiet holiday weekend. Bob was off all three days, too, so it was a nice long weekend for both of us. On Saturday, I got my hair cut and went to the nursery. I wanted to get some geraniums for the front porch, which I did, but I also just wandered around and looked at everything, which I enjoyed a lot. I also bought some birdseed and filled the birdfeeders when I got home.

The birdseed must have been some great stuff, because there were birds out there all weekend. Some of the highlights were a really cute Downy Woodpecker, a red-breasted grosbeak, and lots of pretty finches.

On Sunday I stayed home all day reading; Bob went out and shot traps with a friend, then they had lunch, and he got home mid-afternoon. I had been reading on the bed, and he came up and laid down, and we both ended up sleeping for a couple of hours, which was lovely. When we woke up we went out to Chipotle for burritos. A nice, long, lazy day.

He played golf on Monday, and I stayed home most of the day, watching a squirrel raid the bird feeder--I tried to take pictures, but he was too far away to see well--talked with a friend in Second Life, fixed pasta for lunch, then went out and bought potting soil so I could re-pot the geraniums, which I have yet to do. I also bought pots for the plants at work, but they haven't made it out of my trunk. We went out for ice cream Monday night as a decadent ending to the holiday weekend. And back to work yesterday, which was fine, too.

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