Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today I was an errand-running machine!

  • Bank to make a deposit
  • Post office to mail off a couple of Ebay orders
  • Franklin Covey to get a planner hole punch
  • PetSmart for cat food
  • Library to pick up a book that was on hold ("Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof," by Blaize Clement, which I spent the early evening reading)
  • Beauty supply store for shampoo and conditioner (they're having an $11.95/liter sale)
  • Lunch at Schlotzsky's (not an errand, but lunch out is a Saturday must)
  • Frozen custard and strawberries at Sheridan's (ditto)
  • Watch repair shop to get the battery replaced in my watch
  • Blockbuster to rent "Knowing" and spend a coupon for a free previously-viewed DVD (I got "Nights in Rodanthe," a sappy film that I probably wouldn't buy, but free is free)
  • Half Price Books to sell some old paperbacks and a stack of magazines

I think that's the last time I'm going to do the Half Price Books thing. I lugged a banker's box (the small size) with a layer of paperbacks, then filled with magazines. I came in right after a family with about twenty boxes of books, so I waited a half hour or more, then they paid me $5 for them. You never can tell--I don't know whether it depends on who's evaluating them, or what--and I'm always disappointed, of course, but I think that was probably the lowest offer I've ever gotten. I could have said no thanks, and carried them back out, but I didn't. Next time I'll take them to the library or a hospital or something.

I camped out at Schlotzkey's for awhile with my notebook, making notes for a couple of iPhone apps that I'm working on. My company, Propaganda3, partnered with Bazillion Pictures to make our first iPhone app, Swine Flute. You can get it at the App Store for $.99 here. We'll be submitting a second app, Venues, for approval probably next week, and we have several more in various stages of completion. Exciting stuff. (Roll over the pig to see a picture of the app screen.)

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