Sunday, March 06, 2005


Okay, so I know it's undoubtedly not really Spring, but it's definitely showing the signs. For some reason, this winter felt like it would never end, even though it wasn't particularly harsh. Just . . . I don't know. I really want it to be Spring. It feels like it today.

Bob was outside testing a depth finder in a trash can full of water, and I went to see how it was going, and it was so nice out that I got my gardening gloves and went out and trimmed a bunch of dead limbs out of my herb pots and picked up some leaves, and then just sat for awhile on the stoop, enjoying the air being warm enough that I didn't need to wear a jacket. Yesterday was nice, too--when I stopped at the gym in the middle of the afternoon and the girl at the desk asked me how I was, I said I was fine, and asked her how she was, and she said, "Fine, but wishing I was outdoors!"

The cats were sitting at the back door, watching us, and after awhile I went inside and got their harnesses and leashes and put them on, and took them out so they could enjoy the day, too.

Cats on leashes aren't exactly like dogs on leashes. You can't actually walk them, for one thing. The leashes are only really so they can't run away, or up a tree or something. You just (okay, I just -- I'm sure there are cats who behave more like dogs and will actually walk on a leash, but I've yet to see one) kind of stand there, and they poke around and stand and sniff the air, and the most action you'll get is they might chase a leaf or something.

Pyewacket got kind of bold and walked around the side of the house and rolled around on the driveway, and later she stretched and acted like she might climb a big tree, but she didn't. I'm sure she would if something was after her, but everything was pretty quiet. Bob went in and got me a big club--the handle to some kind of garden implement--to use if a dog tried to get them or something.

Then I made him hold the leashes while I went in to get the camera. This is the part that I always worry about--they inevitably go in different directions, so you're left in the middle, and of course, neither one of them will come when you tug on the leash.

We only stayed outside a little while; I decided to bring them in while Bob was out there so we could each grab one. Pye was mad, but I think Dinah was ready to come in.

A couple of people asked in the comments (which I now have!) whether I ever found out what was going on Thursday morning with the SWAT action on the highway. No, I never did. I checked the local newspaper's website several times that day and evening, but never did see anything about it. I suppose it will remain a mystery. Good story, anyway.

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