Friday, July 15, 2005

Some improvement

Things seem to be getting better at home.

We're still separating the cats at night, alternating, with one spending the night in the basement, and the other one the next night. Pyewacket spent the night in the basement last night, and when I let her up this morning Dinah was right there to say hello. I didn't let them linger, though, because things are still very fragile. I scooped Pyewacket up and took her up to the bedroom, where Bob was still in bed, and dumped her onto the bed with him. She stayed upstairs and Dinah stayed downstairs with me, and there weren't any incidents.

We're still walking around armed with cans of compressed air, and things are still pretty tense, but it does seem like things are getting better. Or maybe we're just learning how to handle them better, but either way, there does seem to be some improvement.

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