Thursday, June 22, 2006


It's not that there hasn't been anything going on. There was the morning I pulled out of the garage to see someone sleeping in the backyard on an air mattress, with a baby blue blanket over him. I called Bob from the car, and he said, "Is it a vagrant?" and I said, well, no, I don't think so, he's got an air mattress and a blanket. Bob called me later and said that there were two guys out there, and we guessed that they must have been guests of one of our neighbors who decided to sleep outside . . . who knows? They were gone when I got home. But it was a little disorienting.

Then there was the day that Bob called me at work -- a day when it was, if not over 100 degrees, at least very close to it -- to tell me that he had been out in the backyard on a ladder cutting limbs off of one of the trees because they were leaning over the neighbor's fence and she's trying to sell her house, so he didn't want our tree limbs to be a negative factor. Out there, in the 100 degree heat, on a ladder, with a saw, with no one else around.

I let him know that I didn't think that was a very good idea at all, I yelled at him a little, frankly. Then I called him back later and said, "I wasn't really mad at you, you know. I was just worried about you. The kind of mad that a parent feels when their kid does something dumb. Like when they say, are you okay? And when they are, they smack them for running out into the street, or whatever."

Then my desktop computer died. The eMac. A few weeks ago I had shut it down, and it wouldn't come back on. I tried restarting it several times, and it was just totally dead. Then after I went to work, Bob tried restarting it a few times, and (okay, he smacked it a few times), and he got it to start up. But ever since then, it's been kind of weird waking up from sleep, i.e., the screen will come on, and then go away, and then slowly come on again.

And then Monday night, when I woke it up, it gave me kind of a "disco" screen, flashing and weird stuff, then when I finally got a screen that didn't flash, it showed all the colors of the desktop picture (a big pink peony), but they were kind of just blurred across the screen . . .

After that, it would power on, but I didn't have any video at all.

I was pretty bummed out about it, but then I remembered that Bob had bought it for me, and being the thoughtful person that he is, he had also bought the extended warranty! What forethought! So I called Apple, and they talked me through the various tests to be sure it wasn't a software issue (I knew it wasn't, but I humored them), and they gave me a case number to take in to get it fixed. I'll have to wait until Bob can go with me, because I can barely lift the thing. I had to open it up when I had the tech on the phone, and the access port is on the bottom, so I had to lift it and carry it and lay it facedown on the dining room table on a towel, then after I pushed the button they wanted me to push, I had to turn it over (the hardest part), pick it up and take it back over to my desk. Very awkward. At least the iMac has a handle.

Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, there was the day that Jeff brought his girlfriend's Yorkie to work. That was fun. What a cute little dog! Jeff put one of the other dogs' beds (Dave, Simon and Jojo were on vacation that day) up on his desk and the little guy curled up and went to sleep. He's so tiny! It's a lot of fun having dogs at work.

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