Sunday, January 06, 2008

A cold

After going a couple of years, I think, without a cold, I've come down with one. I blame Bob, of course -- working retail, he can hardly avoid shaking hands with people, touching things other people have touched, etc., and he had a bad one for a couple of weeks. I started off with a scratchy throat for several days, then started sneezing, and all the rest. For the past couple of years I've been very diligent about washing my hands constantly, and that has seemed to help keep me from getting anything. Oh well. I guess that's a pretty good record.

Bob's out of town this weekend. He went to the lake for a short fishing trip with a friend from work, so it's just been the kitties and me since Fridy. Yesterday I went out and ran some errands, but I really didn't feel like being out. I came home, ate junk for dinner, and fell asleep in my chair. Such an exciting Saturday night . . .

This morning I slept in, which was lovely, then lounged around in bed reading until Dinah insisted that I get up and feed her. This afternoon I've been sitting in front of the computer reading blogs, drinking orange juice, and making jewelry.

Yesterday the weather was wonderfull, probably about 60°; it felt like spring. I haven't been out yet today, but it looks nice, and I see my neighbor out in his shirtsleeves raking leaves. I suppose I should get out and enjoy it while I can. I know it won't last.

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