Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Dogs

We had five dogs in the office today--Dave's two, Jojo and Connor, Dano's Takoha, Cello's Sunny, and Shane's Clark. I love them all, they're all great dogs. Jojo, Connor and Takoha are there pretty much every day, but I don't get to see Clark very often.

He's huge, but a total softie. In the photo he's looking up through the spiral staircase, waiting for Shane to come back down.

And this is Sunny, completely bereft because Cello went to lunch.

Here are Connor and Jojo on a day last week. Dave's wife was coming to pick up the dogs, and he had gone to a meeting, so I took them out and sat and waited for her. They're waiting, too, obviously.

This is a picture of Takoha, and Dexter, who belongs to Cameron.

I love having the dogs at work, it just makes things so much more lively and interesting. Jojo hangs out in my office quite a bit.

Sometimes she just needs a break from the big guy.

And sometimes she just needs a tummy rub.

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Sharon said...

I love this! I sure wish we could have pets in my office. It would make the work day so much more enjoyable.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

I would absolutely love to take Lucy to work. She is completely bereft without me at home so much now and it breaks my heart, poor old dog. :(