Friday, June 15, 2012

Seller beware

I am SO angry right now. I sold a Vera Bradley quilted backpack on eBay for about half of the retail cost. I had used it a couple of times, but you couldn't tell. The buyer gave me positive feedback, said it was perfect, then she decided to wash it, and ruined it.

So she filed a dispute with eBay saying it wasn't as described, and was damaged, when it was her who damaged it! She wants a refund (even though eBay allows you to specify no returns, and I did), and eBay has put a hold on my Paypal account until I do. So she's ruined it, I can't sell it to anyone else, AND I have to give her back $53! SO pissed off.

I'm sorry, it's too bad, but it definitely isn't my fault. eBay has made it so you can't leave negative feedback for a buyer, but they can sure leave negative feedback for sellers. Ebay always side with buyers, no matter what, so buyers are free to lie and say whatever they want. I don't know why I'm surprised, but I am. I always expect the best of people. I guess I'm just naive.

Here's what it looked like when I shipped it, I'll post a picture of it when I get it back, and we can compare.


Joanna said...

Wow. What a sucky system. I can't believe they don't offer some sort of resolution service at all. So sorry to read this, Willa. Ugh.

Sharon said...

Willa, that's just awful! That system is not a good way to attract sellers to ebay. I had thought about selling some stuff on there, but not I'm not. Thanks for letting us know about this. P.S. I'm wearing a pair of earrings today I bought from you awhile back and I LOVE them! :))

Willa said...

I haven't had very many problems, but it's been awhile since I sold anything there. This last batch, though, I've had a bunch of issues, from non-payment, to this. Now she's told them that she called a Vera Bradley store and they said that the bag must have been counterfeit, because if it was authentic, the color wouldn't have run.

I've also had problems with eBay itself -- I say in my preferences that I will only ship to the U.S., but they still allow people in other countries to bid, and they have also failed to collect shipping charges even though I've specified them.

I think maybe they've gotten too big to really monitor anything at all.

Anonymous said...

It was pretty. People are scum. I never expect people to be any other way. I'm usually not disappointed!