Monday, December 03, 2012

Christmas Trees

I am not the most emotionally stable person at the best of times, and the holiday season makes it that much worse. I try, but I'm not always able to be in good spirits. Christmas decorations do help, though! This tree was at the little cafe/bar across the street from our office. I don't normally participate in the Friday afternoon happy hour, but I did on Friday. I had one drink (a Bloody Mary), then got a Diet Coke for the road and headed home to Bob.

The second tree is in our common area at work. We had a "family lunch" at work on Friday. We're doing that about once a month, where one of the teams cooks lunch for the whole company. My team was on point last week; I made spinach dip (it was a big hit!), Aaron made tomato basil soup and Julia made vegetable soup, and Joey and Aaron teamed up to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Nicole made brownies for dessert. It was a great lunch and a lot of fun.

I think part of the fun was the interaction, i.e., the "short order cook" aspect. It wouldn't have been nearly as much fun if we had all just brought casseroles or something. I don't know what we'll do next time, but I'm sure we'll think of something interesting.

The third little tree was sitting on the kitchen counter at work. I don't remember it from last year, but it must have been on display somewhere, because it was apparently in the closet. Actually, for some reason I think this one started out as mine. I can't remember why, though. I just sort of vaguely remember feeling a little regretful that I had given it away, but I don't remember the circumstances.

I do have another little tree that I'll set up on my desk in my office this week. We never set up a tree at home until a lot closer to Christmas, since we will probably have a live tree. We leave it up until Epiphany, January 12th, so we don't want to get it too soon.

Later: I meant to mention that I kicked off the Christmas movie watching season with "Love Actually" on Sunday. Perhaps not the best thing to watch, since it always makes me cry, but in a good way. I also watched Men in Black 3, which didn't make me cry.


April said...

Hi Willa,

The first two lines of your opening paragraph were a surprise to me and I've been reading your blog for at least 15 years. The holidays can be hard, but I wish you light and love this holiday season. Take care and please keep writing!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

I love all the trees-- it's a part of Christmas that I miss out on every year because of our tiny apartment & the fact that my parents moved to Florida where there are few Christmas trees unless you want one that is 3/4 dead and more than a hundred bucks! :D Boo!! Love Actually always makes me cry, too, especially the very ending. But I still love it. I hope you have a restful holiday season, Willa. I love that you are posting now and again, again but I am sorry to read you have the blues. As Kermit says, it ain't easy being green. I think everyone I know has some degree of depression, including myself. Life is too complicated anymore. My dad, who is 71, just got a smartphone. He programmed it, downloaded apps, played with it and loves it but in the end he looked at me and said, we didn't have to worry about all these things twenty years ago. Is this really better?
Anyway, I love all the doggie work pics here and on fb! So cute! This comment is way too long, sorry! xo jennifer p.s. post some of your cross stitching! anxious to see it.