Friday, December 23, 2005

The Twelve Trees of Christmas

Orlando airport:

Pop Century Resort Food Courtt:

American Adventure, Disney World:

Disney's Animal Kingdom:

Disney Pop Century Resort Lobby:

Disney's Floridian Resort:

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom:


The Christmas tree at our Christmas lunch (at "The Bulldog"):

The tree on my desk in my office:

Tree on top of Jeff's computer at the office:

Our tree at home:

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Stefani said...

Those Disney trees are big - and so are the ornaments! Love your tree skirt under your home tree. Did you or someone you know make it?

Thanks for sharing!

Willa said...

I bought the tree skirt a couple of years ago at Target. Before that we had one that I had made out of pre-quilted fabric YEARS ago, and it was definitely time to replace it. I really like this one, too. I bought it after Christmas at a *steep* discount!

Aren't the trees huge?? We always go between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that the Christmas decorations are up. We enjoy seeing all the decorations, and I especially love the trees.

I know you had your surgery today--I can't believe you're already feeling so well! Isn't medical science wonderful? :)