Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cute couple

Last night Bob was out in the garage getting ready to consolidate the trash into bigger bags, but we were out of large bags. He said he was going to go get some, and I said I'd go with him. I had already changed out of my work clothes into a big t-shirt that I intended to sleep in, but I changed into some sweatpant capris (about as attractive as they sound) and a different t-shirt. He was wearing lightweight sweats and a t-shirt, too. I stuck my feet into flip-flops and we headed for Target.

We always laugh about it when we do that, and comment on what a cute couple we must make, schlepping to the store basically in our night clothes. When he goes out by himself to pick something up, he usually says he's going out "to pick up chicks," and I said, "Good luck with that." One night last week he had to go get gas or something--I don't remember what--and I went with him even though I already had my nightgown--okay, another big t-shirt--on.

We wandered around Target, picked up trash bags, Cheddar cheese and mixed nuts (how appropriate!), then headed home. Once home, he stayed out in the garage and bagged up trash to carry out to the curb.

Once I'd dumped my purse in the house, I went back out to the garage to help him carry the trash out. It wasn't until I came back in the house the second time that I realized I'd worn flip-flops from two different pairs, one with light blue terrycloth on top and the other lime green and white vinyl. So I was even more put together than I thought!

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Joanna said...

'Love this story. Thanks. :)

Sharon said...

Willa, I've done the same thing when making a quick trip to the grocery store. The problem is that invariably I will run into someone I know and it's usually someone who looks great. You know, makeup and the whole nine yards. Oh well, I just can't see getting dressed up just to go to the store for one thing.

Sally said...

Willa -- This story really made me laugh! I am a third grade teacher, and one day a child commented on the ordinary tennis shoes I was wearing. I think she thought they were interesting, or cool. Didn't quite understand the fuss and forgot all about it. That night when I took off my shoes, I discovered I was wearing shoes from two different pairs, both of which were blue and white, but a different style and different shade of blue. I felt so ridiculous! Sally

~m said...

I once wore one brown boot and one black boot to work.Ha. It was dark in the morning! :)

Chel said...

*laugh* I got you beat, though. One day, while climbing into my car, one of my shoes fell off onto the driveway. When I got to school, I actually walked into a building with only one shoe on. I don't have much feeling in my left foot, so I didn't notice it until a friend pointed it out.

My mom found the one shoe in the driveway and panicked, thinking I'd been kidnapped or something and left it behind as a secret message to her.

It was a crazy day, to say the least.

BloggerSmith said...

But everyone accepts that Target is a veritable magnet for that snappy bed-clothes look... It's not until you've taken an international flight, get to the hotel, realise you forgot to pack all your shirts and that the only shoes you have, the Allstars, don't even match, that you know you're finally fully accomplished in eccentricities of the mismatching arts.

April said...

Funny story Willa! I love when you tell us what you bought at the store.:)