Sunday, July 12, 2009


  • I don't like big chunks of tuna in my tuna salad. Or tuna casserole, for that matter. In fact, if I could have tuna salad or tuna casserole without any actual tuna in it, that would be ideal.
  • Same thing with chili--when I make it I break the ground beef up really small. Ground beef in general kind of grosses me out, except for a good hamburger maybe once or twice a year, if I don't think about it too hard.
  • Hamburgers: extremely well done, cheese, ketchup, yellow mustard, sliced onion, lots of pickles.
  • Hotdogs: Oscar Meyer cheese dogs, yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish.
  • I like "fruit on the bottom" yogurt best. Yogurt without any actual pieces of fruit is weird. I'll eat it, but it's weird.
  • Salad: lettuce, green onions if not too strong, fresh mushrooms, sliced, black olives, sliced, artichoke hearts. No tomatoes, no hard-boiled egg unless there is also bacon. Ranch dressing, always, preferably the homemade kind made with buttermilk. Bottled ranch dressing is uniformly awful, but especially low-fat or fat-free.
  • Eggs: Over easy or hard boiled.
  • Milk: 2%, but only for cereal or cooking, not to drink. I don't drink milk. Ick.
  • Macaroni and cheese: The ultimate comfort food. Macaroni, American cheese, white sauce made with milk, flour and margarine. Baked. Stouffer's in a pinch, but it's not the same.
  • Spaghetti: Thin spaghetti or spaghettini. Red sauce, never meat sauce. Sometimes green olives or mushrooms. Ragu - the other comfort food. All my comfort food seems to involve pasta . . .
  • Dessert: chocolate. Or cheesecake. Better yet, chocolate cheesecake. Fruit pie: why bother?
  • Ice cream: The chunkier, the better. Ben & Jerry's New York Superfudge Chunk, Chubby Hubby.
  • I've given up Diet Coke, so I've been getting back into iced tea. Or lemonade. Or a combination of the two.
  • Lunch every day for weeks: low carb, fat free bean burritos (homemade). Low carb tortilla, fat-free refried beans, a little low fat mozzarella, a little Pace picanté sauce. Not tired of them yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Willa: Loved this entry. Your low carb, fat free bean burritos sound great. I'm going to try them when I start back to work in the fall. My favorite mac and cheese is the ancient Good Housekeepings recipe. You use cheddar cheese, and the white sauce uses butter, flour, milk, pepper, a small amount of dry mustard and a tablespoon of grated onion. Top with dried bread crumbs and more cheese. My summer dessert is popsicles. Have you tried whole wheat spaghetti (strange at first, but now white spaghetti tastes flat and starchy)?

KaliAmanda said...

Hi Willa! It said food and I virtually ran over to read it, you know me... Suggesion for the chili, if you prefer a less pungent taste, try ground turkey. It's a lovely, subtler filler and does not dominate the other ingredients.

Joanna said...

'Love it when you post this sort of thing. :)

Jennifer Stumpf said...

:D I like starting my day off with a laugh! Loved this post! Ick on milk! Ick on red meat!
Happy July! Hope you guys are doing ok! How did your knitting mags do on Ebay?

Willa said...

Sally - A big NO to whole wheat spaghetti! Although it's probably an acquired taste, and I should try to get used to it, but the times I've had it, I haven't liked it.

Kali - I've tried turkey before ... Bob isn't crazy about it, and it's dry, but really I just forget about it. Next time!

Jennifer - The magazines ... it's so weird, sometimes nothing will sell, then you relist it, and it sells immediately. They didn't do great this last time, but I relisted everything last night. If they don't sell this time, I'm giving up. :)

Sabrina said...

Hurray! Love your food entries!

I almost spit out my espresso when I read your "why bother" re: fruit pies. Sacrilege! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Amy's burritos, so I don't know why I never tried making any. I guess it sounded too difficult. Thanks for detailing what you put in your burritos; it looks like something fun to try! (and reading this post has made me hungry!)