Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More knitting stuff

As much as I love knitting, I may love the knitting tools even more. I love all the little things that go into my knitting bag. I have two basic modes of knitting. One is sock knitting, which, for whatever reason, I tend to do more of in the summer, and scarf knitting. Both are pretty much mindless; I knit the ubiquitous Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf, which I have memorized by now, and I knit my own basic sock pattern, which I have cobbled together from various patterns that I've tried over the years.

I also occasionally knit other things, like baby sweaters or novelty items, but socks and scarves are the constants. When I'm knitting a scarf or something like that, i.e., larger than a sock, I usually carry around a small tote bag with the knitting and a few tools, i.e., tape measure, crochet hook, stitch markers, etc. I have a Vera Bradley bag that I'm currently using as my knitting/tote bag, it's their Holiday Tote from a couple of years ago.

If I'm knitting socks, I carry a smaller bag, and I like clear vinyl bags because the yarn is so beautiful. I have a couple of small ones that I've purchased at yarn stores, but I kept hoping that Vera Bradley would make one, and they finally (sort of) did. I went to the VP store last weekend to get a coin purse, but when I saw it in person, I didn't really like it, but they did have something new--a Clear Beach Cosmetic.

It's the absolute perfect size for a ball of sock yarn and all of the accouterments. The only thing that would make it better is if it had handles, but other than that, it's pretty perfect. Inside the bag are:

  • Ball of sock yarn
  • Half a sock on five Size 1 bamboo double-pointed needles
  • Extra needles -- I seldom break one, but it can happen, so I have three or four extra ones
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Yarn needles -- a "chibi," a little plastic tube, with two needles, one plastic and one curved-tip metal one
  • A pill box with stitch markers, a couple of fancy ones that I made and a ton of tiny colored rubber bands that I just love
  • A crochet hook in case I drop a stitch
  • A laminated card with my sock pattern on it
  • One of my business cards, also laminated, in case I leave my bag somewhere
  • A pack of Post-it notes and a pen in case I need to make a note
  • And not absolutely necessary, but handy -- a tube of handcream, a package of tissues, and a spare pair of reading glasses

That pretty much covers all the basics. There are things that would be nice to have, and have occasionally been recommended, like a nail file, and band-aids in case you cut yourself, so you don't bleed all over your yarn, but there is such a thing as going too far, and that's pretty easy for me to do, so I try not to.


Daphne said...

You've inspired me to try knitting socks and I am busy with my second pair! Even though it is very hot here at the moment (34c today) I can knit socks without getting sweaty hands - a bulky jersey will have to wait until winter! My socks will become Christmas presents for friends and family living in colder climates!

KathieB said...

With some knitting projects, I'm pushing with one finger and can literally punch a hole in that finger. So there's a roll of vet wrap in my go-everywhere knitting kit. A knitting friend of mine--she's a horse owner too--turned me on to vet wrap, a webby material that comes on a roll, in all kinds of colors. You can cut off a bit of it, wrap it around your finger and voila--a flexible bit of finger protection. I found mine at the local Tractor Supply--cheap and a roll lasts almost forever.