Thursday, March 17, 2016

Currently I am

In an effort to journal more, I was looking at journaling and list-making prompts and saw a bunch of interesting ones, so I think I'll try that for a few days. Here's the first one, a snapshot of what's going on my life right now. (Adapted from an idea on One Velvet Morning a few years ago.)

Currently, I am:

  • Reading "Chaos Choreography: an InCryptid Novel" by Seanan McGuire
  • Playing Neko Atsume (iPhone pseudo-game)
  • Watching "Bosch" on Amazon Prime Video - Series based on Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch police procedural mysteries
  • Listening to "Once a Crooked Man," by David McCallum - audio version read by the author (and it's quite wonderful)
  • Trying to win the lottery (Okay, not true. Bob is trying to win the lottery, always.)
  • Cooking (Baking) Artisan bread
  • Eating Panera Bacon Turkey Bravo (half sandwich left over from last night's dinner) and Cheetos Mix-Ups, Xtra Cheesy Mix
  • Drinking Scooter's Mocha Blender, extra shot of espresso, no whip
  • Pinning Bread recipes
  • Tweeting Nothing. I hate Twitter.
  • Knitting Studio Cowl from Ravelry
  • Sewing nothing at the moment, but did fix a pocket on one of Bob's work shirts last night
  • Doing nothing.
  • Going nowhere.
  • Loving Vera Bradley's Petite Red Bandanna Paisley print
  • Hating the current usage of "ask" as a noun, i.e., "List the client asks"
  • Discovering that I enjoy making bread
  • Enjoying the beautiful Spring weather that came early this year
  • Thinking about
  • Feeling slightly guilty about my huge sock yarn stash
  • Hoping we win the lottery
  • Celebrating winning the lottery (in my dreams)
  • Smelling bacon being cooked in the restaurant next door
  • Thanking Bob, for buying me Cheetos Mix-Ups at the store last night
  • Considering ordering some fancy printed Post-it flags from Amazon
  • Finishing basically nothing. Second sock syndrome.
  • Starting making notes for a possible new book
  • Wishing for KnitPicks Options Short Interchangeable Needle Set. Oh, what the heck. I went to the site to get that link, and they were having a sale, so I ordered them. You only live once, right?
  • Looking forward to upgrading my iPhone in April
  • Wondering why my stomach is always upset. Stress? Gallbladder-less-ness? Lactose intolerance? It's a mystery.
  • Making me happy right now Cheetos Mix-Ups. :)

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Beth Nelson said...

oooh, 2 comments in one evening, sorry!
I try to journal and pick it up and put it down all the time. I put it down more often than not if I am honest. This is an excellent restart exercise, I might have to steal it. Thanks!!!